Explosion-proof Type Computer System

Explosion-proof PC : Use computer in hazardous area.

1. Data input in dangerous place.

Explosion-proof PC

Management cost of data processing at production plants has increased because of advancement of business operation and high-mix low-volume production, and it is one of the factors of profit decrease. This is hard on company because they cannot introduce the computer in dangerous area. But Flameproof type of Explosion-proof structure computer systems allow you to use standard computer which uses standard software in dangerous place. So anyone can use this computer easily.

2.Explosion-proof input device up to now

Input device which is commonly used in dangerous area is touch panel type. Touch panel type is extremely good in function side.
But the problem is the touch panel type requires complex intrinsic safety barrier in order to run it. And that is very expensive and the user also needs to have special software for touch panel type, which is not so easy to handle.

3.Explosion-proof Computer System

Explosion-proof computer system has standard computer built in and user can run Windows on this computer. Keyboard is modified to be intrinsically safe and is connected to the computer by light signal. So the user can use this keyboard just like using the normal keyboard. Pointing device is built in as well and the user can use it as a mouse.

4. Characteristics of Explosion-proof Computer

  • 1. Software of standard computer can be used and you can input data by keyboard in dangerous place.
  • 2. You can inherit all of the software which has been used in safe place.
  • 3. We have adopted Japanese 109 type keyboard and operation performance is excellent.
  • 4. Using ethernet will allow you to construct high level server and LAN easily. So you can process business operation in real-time.
  • 5. Windows Embedded Standard 7 32bit (Storage device: CFast 16GB) is pre-installed.
  • 6. We can still supply the previous model Windows XP Professional (Storage device: HDD80GB)
  • 7. 15 type color TFT liquid crystal is used.
  • 8. Computer is low power consumption, so you can save the cost of electricity. 
  • 9. Data input can be simplified by connecting Explosion-proof barcode reader, Explosion-proof card reader, Explosion-proof IC card reader, etc.
  • 10. Wireless LAN can be stored(Communication is done through glass window)
  • 11. RS422,485 signal converter can be stored.
  • 12. DC power supply can be stored.
  • 13. I/O board can be stored.
  • 14. Relay timer can be stored.
  • 15. Buzzer can be installed.